The renovation of our Marais apartment was no small feat.

The apartment was completely gutted with only one wall remaining. Alison coordinated and

managed all architectural and engineering challenges, selected and supervised all trades,

and formulated and executed the aesthetic design.

Six years on, we are as delighted with the outcome as the day it was completed.

Probably the most satisfying aspect was the way Alison managed our renovation - the process

ran smoothly, there was no stress and importantly we were able to remain in Australia

during the works. We absolutely love what Alison has done.

- Apartment Sévigné



Not only is she extremely talented, Alison is efficient, organised, easy-going and a joy to work with!

- Apartment Verneuil



Alison has a unique talent of vision and creativity while being exceptionally detail-oriented.

Nothing is left to chance and her wide network of artisans, craftspeople and suppliers

are able to deliver with quality and efficiency.

Alison is warm, solution-oriented and listens - thereby being able to transform a dream into a home.

- Apartment Hérold



As an interior designer, Alison Hogg is a true professional.

Not only does she have the necessary qualifications and experience, she has the good fortune

to possess a flair for colour, pattern and texture, and an innate sense for form and proportion.

She listens to her clients’ ideas and empathises with their needs, while also having the confidence

to put forward alternative (and better) solutions.

She has identified a team of excellent artisans and workers, which she manages with skill,

good humour and thoughtfulness. Then, when all the work is complete, she remains committed

to her projects. Four years after finishing our apartment, she is still unhesitating in providing advice

when asked, making adjustments and attending to details that make our home even better than it was.

- Apartment rue de l’Université